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Radio Fri is a radio programme produced by young adults with experience in prison and with crime and addiction. Radio Fri aims to strengthen them as individuals as well as to make their voices heard in society.


Sweden is a democratic country and thus what a young person experiences in prison is an issue that affects everyone. Radio Fri provides another perspective than what is reported in the news and other media. One of the long-term goals of Radio Fri is to ensure that the opinions of young adults with experience of imprisonment are heard when issues concerning their situation are discussed and debated in wider society.


The content is produced by two different teams: ’Radio Fri – from the inside’ is made up of young adults that are currently in prison; ’Radio Fri – from the outside’ consists of members of Ung i X-Cons and others that have previous experience from prison, crime and addiction. There is also a team consisting of the friends and relatives of these young adults.


You can hear the programme over the radio in the Stockholm area on FM 88.9 Mhz every Friday at 16:00 CET or listen to the webcast on this website or download our app ”Radio Fri”.